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Keith Pickstock Basements ** undischarged bankrupt **
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Failed Projects

Here you can learn about those projects that Keith Pickstock will probably not have told you about when trying to gain your confidence, your business and most importantly, your money.


Each of the owners of the projects shown here would be delighted to speak to you to tell you about their experiences of contracting with Keith Pickstock - just fill out the form on the Contact Us page.


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October 2013 - SW London


Keith Pickstock started work on this site in the summer of 2013 and was fired in the first half of October 2013.

The owner has spent significant time, and cost, rectifying all of the mistakes that were made by Keith Pickstock - in particular to the steel supports, which all needed to be checked / redone before work could recommence.


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July 2013 - SW London

Keith Pickstock started work on this site at the end of June 2012, and was fired at the start of July 2013.  He used this site to get the other basement project in SW London (see above): as soon as he had money out of them and men on their site, he took his men off this site, put in a huge claim for extras (despite the extras having already been sorted out and signed for), demanded that the contract be ignored and that he be paid on a day rate for the rest of project.


This image shows the state this site was left in when Keith Pickstock was fired from this project: it is weeks away even from first fix. That's rubbish all down the centre, which prevents anyone from working and took a week to clear.


Wondering what the red arrow is indicating? That's the wooden support that is holding up the scafolding platform providing access to the site... (nb: the yellow supports were only put in when he was required to.)  LBHF Building Control were about to close this site down - why don't you ring them to confirm this? Full details can be found on their site


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May 2013 - NW London

Keith Pickstock started work on this basement project in September 2012.  The owners took over control in May 2013 after Keith Pickstock walked off site demanding unjustified extra payments.

At this timehe had still not even reached first fix.

Site abandoned by Keith Pickstock

March 2013 - NW London  

The images show the state this site was left in after Keith Pickstock took his men off site for a second time - and disappeared.  In particular you should note that the delta membrane was not properly fitted, the insulation and screed had not been laid, and, again, the huge amount of rubbish left on this site.


Keith Pickstock had previously taken the workers off site in order to extract significantly more money from the owner than both his and the owner's quantity surveyors had agreed was owed for extras.  The owner only reluctantly agreed to this extra demand due to the prohibitive cost of getting a reputable builder to take over the site at this stage - a fact that Keith Pickstock would appear to exploit to the full.  


A payment plan was then put in place with the final payment not due until after the project was completed, but even then Keith Pickstock got significantly behind schedule and tried to demand the final payment before the project was completed - in clear breach of the agreement. The owner was willing to negotiate but Keith Pickstock just disappeared - leaving behind what you see in the images.

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2014 - your house?


If you contract with Keith Pickstock to dig your basement will your house end up featuring in this ever increasing list of basement projects that Keith Pickstock has either been fired from, abandoned, or just been relieved of command? Can you take the risk?

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