Keith Pickstock Basements

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Keith Pickstock Basements ** undischarged bankrupt **
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Undischarged Bankrupt

Keith Pickstock is an undischarged bankrupt and is subject to a Bankruptcy Restriction Order.

Keith Pickstock was declared bankrupt on 16 June 2003. Normally a bankrupt would be discharged after twelve months, however Keith Pickstock's discharge from bankruptcy has been postponed indefinitely "until the fulfillment of conditions as specified in the Order made by the Court and effective from 26 March 2004".

Keith Pickstock is also currently subject to an eleven year Bankruptcy Restriction Order (BRO), which started on 27 January 2010 and will end on 26 January 2021. (The maximum BRO that can be imposed is fifteen years).

What does this mean?

It means that he cannot trade as a limited company, and must always give his name on contracts (ie: "Keith Pickstock T/A [trading name]"). He must also disclose this information if applying for credit.  

The Insolvency Service

How can I confirm this?  

You can check these details by clicking here which will take you to Keith Pickstock's entry on The Insolvency Service's website.

Full contact details are given on The Insolvency Service's website which will allow you to discuss this with a member of their staff.